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Team Jorge is a fundraising program designed for everyday individuals who identlfy with the values exhibited by Jorge Fernandez and are fueled by the desire to become more active in their lives and make a difference. Team Jorge members participate in the Rock ‘n’ Roll San Antonio Half Marathon while raising money.

Jorge’s Legacy Continues

Family and friends created Team Jorge in 2012 to honor Jorge Fernandez’s legacy and pay tribute to his commitment to service to others. Team Jorge’s mission is to invest in educational scholarship funds for individuals entering medical professions in hopes to build a community of leaders committed to service to others while also educating and encouaraging proper athletic training for participants in athletic events. To date Team Jorge has raised over $40,000.


Support our mission. When you support Team Jorge, you are investing in the future of the medical community. Please help our scholars achieve their educational goals. Through your generosity, you will be shaping America’s next generation of leaders in the health professions. Your return in investment will be profound.

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Open a checking account through compass bank with a min of $25 . Mention Team Jorge and $50 will automatically be donated to Team Jorge and you can order a Team Jorge card for free.

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